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Rate Adjustment Notice

Recently, the USMA elected to begin evaluating the potential to use water usage as a billing method for sanitary sewer. Up to this point the USMA has used a flat fee, currently $111.37 per quarter, for residential sanitary sewer while commercial customers have been typically bill for sanitary sewer based on water consumption. The intent was to establish a fair and equitable method for billing all customers similarly based on usage.

The USMA studied water usage information from 2013 through 2017 spanning every quarter for every customer. The information was placed into a spreadsheet and used to create a flow based sanitary sewer billing rate. The fees were chosen to match existing revenue.

Overall water rates were adjusted to reflect the customer base that used the most water would pay accordingly.

The sanitary sewer rate will now be flow based off of the water meter. Again, rates will be higher for elevated consumption.

The minimum usage rates were adjusted in order to create a billing system that could be easily converted from a quarterly cycle to a monthly cycle sometime in the future.

Customers on private wells will be charged $161.82 per quarter. This number was achieved by taking the average of the top 1/3 of our residential customer usage. The USMA will offer these customers the ability to purchase a meter and have a plumber install it on the well. Their sanitary sewer bill will then be based on actual water used. The meter can be purchased at a cost of $210.00.

It should also be noted that the USMA does not have any additional fees such as service charges or administrative charges that are passed on to our customers.